Friday, September 24, 2010

Sixth Street Is Looking a Little Cleaner

Businesses and property owners power washed, painted, sanded, sealed and repaired the most historic district in Austin on and leading up to Sunday, Sept. 19. The City of Austin came out with their new Cyclone sidewalk cleaning machine to show off how sidewalks will now be cleaned quicker and more frequently. The Downtown Austin Alliance demonstrated its new gum removal steam machine. The north side of the 200 block is already looking cleaner.

Fred Schmidt, owner of Wild About Music, washed his windows and then started down the street cleaning windows as he went. Friends bar was out on Sunday cleaning and making repairs to their doors and windows. Prior to the clean up day, many storefronts had made improvements, including Buffalo Billiards, Austin Visitors Center, Spill, Carl Daywood Realty, The Driskill Hotel, Parkside, Chugin Monkey, Iron Cactus, Roppolo’s Pizza, Alamo Drafthouse, Paradise CafĂ©, The Library, 505 Neches, Casino El Camino, Chupacabra Cantina, Lucky Lizard, Hoek’s Pizza, Dandyland Tatoo, Custom Tatoos from the Soul and Sole Fresco.

We have heard from several businesses and properties that have improvements scheduled soon. We want to hear from you too. Contact us and let us know your clean up and improvement plans. We have much more to do and routine maintenance to make and keep our most historic street in town looking sharp. In addition to ongoing efforts, our next big clean up day should come just before SXSW 2011. Thanks for making the first step with us. Fox 7 News and KEYE 42 News covered the clean up day on their newscasts.